Paint & Coating

In the paint and coating industries, we supply colorants, tinting machines, color systems, and marketing tools  for decorative and industrial paints. With reliable quality and satisfactory price, we supply effective cost products & service to support our customers’ performance.


Our colorants and color systems are developed through experiments and innovations by our colorant experts with more than 30 years of experience in paint and coating. Through our high performance and cost effective product, we support our partners in developing their product and business. Our colorants are the latest generation in the market that are compliant with the environmental aspect.

Equipment & Application

With one of the global tinting leaders, Santint, we represent an innovative and precise technology, which focuses on helping our customers to improve their efficiency, accuracy, convenience, and also cost reduction. Without a doubt, we exist to do our best to provide the after sales services such as product knowledge training and problems solving.

Marketing Tools

Together with our partners Miltonia, we produce all kinds of tools that are capable of attracting customer attention and capturing the color of our customer product in the best possible way. We support our partners to change their imagination to be details represented in our marketing tools, which are color cards and fan decks. According to our partners’ requests, we prepare the outstanding way to apply and represent the colors with the highest quality and technology.

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