In the paint and coating industries, we supply colorants, tinting machines, color systems, and marketing tools  for decorative and industrial paints. With reliable quality and satisfactory price, we supply effective cost products & service to support our customers’ performance.

Food & Beverages Enzymes

The food processing industry, particularly for dairy products, is an industry that continues to experience extensive market innovation and development. This development occurred due to the benefits generated from processed dairy products. In addition, innovations continue to be made to meet consumer needs, such as lactose-free products and products with better textures.

To support the development of this industry, we provide high-quality enzymes that can support production in the dairy-based product processing industry.

Sugar Enzymes

The sugar industry in Indonesia has experienced significant development in recent decades. Sugar is one of the crucial commodities in the agricultural and food industry in Indonesia. The development of the sugar industry in Indonesia needs to be supported by the advancement of applied production technology.

We provide high-quality enzymes to support the sugar production process as a means of technological development aimed at enhancing sugar productivity, efficiency, and product quality. The appropriate implementation of enzyme technology can help the Indonesian sugar industry remain competitive in the global market and achieve sustainability aspects.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Enzymes

Enzymes play a crucial role in water and wastewater treatment. Enzymes are utilized in various applications to remove contaminants, enhance water quality, and reduce environmental impact. Some key applications of enzymes in water and wastewater treatment include the decomposition of organic waste, removal of heavy metals, biodegradation of toxic organic compounds, active sludge processing, reduction of ammonia and nitrate, and drinking water purification.

The use of enzymes in water and wastewater treatment represents an environmentally friendly method that can improve process efficiency, reduce operational costs, and mitigate the environmental impact of industrial and domestic waste.

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