Microorganisms are present in almost every biomass, including sugarcane. However, its presence can cause a decline in sugar content, foul scent, and even operational problems. To solve this problem, we provide both oxidizing (chlorine) and non-oxidizing biocides to eliminate microorganisms and maintain a smooth operation.


Additionally, other equipment that are used in the industry may also require good sanitation performance to maintain hygiene and prevent formation of biofilms. This is important to ensure a good heat transfer, prevent plugging, and reduce the need for frequent make ups. We provide various biocide and sanitation chemicals formulation for application in sugar mills. Our products are Halal certified, safe for food application, and free from allergens or GMOs.

Our Products

Process Biocides

Z-490 SERIES is a biocide specially formulated to inhibit growth of bacteria and fungi in cane sugar mills. These chemicals are highly effective against bacterial and fungi found in sugar mills, and also improves sugar recovery from stored sugar by reducing bacterial sugar inversion. Z-490 SERIES will give solutions that result in higher yields and improved efficiency in sugar production.

Process Biocides

Z-400 SERIES is a disinfection and sanitation product used to eliminate microorganisms in sugar factory utility. The series contains both oxidizing and non-oxidizing types to suit your needs. It is applicable in water treatment units, cooling water units, and other units that may require good sanitation. It is a cost effective way to prevent problems caused by the presence of microorganisms in the system.

Z-500 SERIES is a formulated biodispersant used to kill microorganisms and prevent them from attaching onto equipment surfaces. The microorganisms can be classified into planktonic and sessile microorganisms. While planktonics are easy to eliminate, once it forms biofilm, it can be very difficult to remove. By using Z-500 SERIES, this problem can be cost-effectively prevented and thus the sanitation performance of the unit can be maintained.

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