Equipment & Application

Car Refinish Equipment

Besides fulfilling our customers’ needs in the decorative field, together with our partners who have more than 20 years of experience in the paint and coating industry, we focus on constant innovation to drive development in the automotive paint industry. Through these innovations, it is hoped that standardization and efficiency increasing in the automotive paint industry will be achieved.

Our Products

Paint Mixing Machine

  • High End

  • Flexible

  • Suitable for paint shops and supermarkets

  • Optional hanging shelf, based on 5 L

  • Automatic dispensing solution for everyone

  • Mobile dispensing, with on the spot mixing

  • Eliminate overdose and mis-tints

  • Intelligent management, without manual record

  • Easy operation steps

  • High Return

  • Simple Maintenance

  • High Efficiency

  • Heating (optional), keep toners in an environment of 8-15°C

  • Low maintenance nozzle

  • Clean tinting area

  • Automatic stirring

  • Toners last long

  • Repeatable accuracy

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