Color System

Currently, the need for more varied colors, especially for decorative paint marketing systems, encourages customers to develop formulas based on color systems. We, together with Leonice, work together to meet the needs of customer’s color systems based on options that can be tailored to customer needs according to the marketing strategy used.

Our Products

  • Represents classical off whites to the modern vivid shades
  • Provide a choice of 1700 shades for interior and exterior home decoration with a variety of the shades
  • Provides an established color collection that provides a variety of innovative and unique colors for interior and exterior decoration
  • Customers can find the most popular shades of the vintage era together with the new generation’s favorites
  • Provides the easiest way to pick one of the highest rated shades
  • Convenience color card with the small and flexible size
  • Brings to customer a unique and premium collection of 260 shades of inorganic colorants for exterior use with the effect of sand and other particles touch, feel and vision

  • Can perform even in the most challenging weather conditions

  • Became paint maker’s, architects and real estate builders favorite tool

  • Goes one step further in the visual perception by offering an even wider option of colors

  • Produces the most extensive number of shades in the Leomix Deco series, standardized in the most appropriate and easy way to discover

  • Enhances color alternatives by capturing more visual stimulants

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