Acme at a Glance

Discover who we are and our history that has led us to the present.

16+ Years of Journey

Acme Chemicals (Far East) Pte Ltd was originally established in 1982 in Singapore as a specialty chemicals trading company representing reputable multinational companies for the Malaysian markets. Earlier industries focus of Acme Chemicals are industrial and municipal water treatment, and also paint and coating. In 2006, Acme Chemicals (Far East) Pte Ltd with an incorporation to PT Zeus Kimiatama Indonesia founded PT Acme Indonesia (Acme). We also expanded our market coverage to sugar and bioethanol, textile, food and beverages, and chemical aids industry.

We consist of seasoned chemists and chemical engineers that are supported by a management team with experience for over 10 years in the specialty chemical industries, especially in business, product synthesis, and manufacturing technology. To support our company growth, we consistently recruit young talents from reputable universities in Indonesia to provide  in-house, domestic, and overseas training programs. 


Combining experienced leaders with energetic young staff, plus extensive international knowledge, we deliver our promise to provide solutions and support our customers with high quality products and services.

Acme Marketing Office




Established in 1998, PT Zeus Kimiatama Indonesia (ZEKINDO) is an Indonesian specialty chemicals manufacturer with the main markets are chemical formulators and service companies in Indonesia and ASEAN region, such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. ZEKINDO consists of wide and diverse subsidiaries that have special competencies in various industries, such as water treatment, oil and gas, mining and mineral processing, automotive, and sugar processing.

Combining ZEKINDO experiences and markets in specialty chemicals to our expertise on technical and chemical application, we are able to provide our customer the best, competitive, and international standards product and services.




We are committed to ensure best quality products and services for our valued customers. We continuously strive to make quality improvements in our business process. We are proud to be a company certified with ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) by the British Standards Institution.

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