Decoloring Agent

Impurities are existent in sugar liquors in small and big sizes. Sometimes the impurities are small enough that it is very difficult to separate through the settling/clarification process. This can also include color molecules and colloidal particles. The particles repel each other through electrical charges, making separation difficult.


We provide organic and inorganic coagulants for application in the sugar purification process and help to reduce color impurities, resulting in a lower ICUMSA color, and create a whiter sugar product. Our products are Halal certified, suitable for food application, and free from allergens or GMOs, giving our customers confidence in their operations.

Our Products

Water Based

Z-9600 SERIES is a liquid polyelectrolyte used as a coagulant and decoloring agent in the sugar industry. It can remove up to 40% color in liquor. It is readily dissolved in water to make dosing easy. Z-9600 SERIES is a cost-effective way to remove colors and impurities in sugar liquor.

Silicon Based

KEMTALO MEL SERIES are non-toxic aqueous polymers used to react with negatively charged color bodies, neutralizing their charges, and thereby causing precipitation, that will be subsequently removed during syrup clarification. KEMTALO MEL SERIES is suitable for application in sugar mills and can remove more than 20% of the color from clarified juice. It is the cost-effective way to obtain high quality sugar using low dose application.

KEMTALO FLOC SERIES and KEMTALO CARB SERIES is a coagulant that aids in the removal of colorants and high molecular weight impurities from sugar solutions. This is achieved by the attachment of a water insoluble cationic residue to the highly water soluble anionic colorant/impurity molecule. KEMTALO FLOC SERIES dan KEMTALO CARB SERIES is suitable for application in sugar refineries that operate phospho flotation units in the purification section. It is a cost-effective way to obtain high quality sugar with very low color values.

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