Lactose Reducer Enzyme

Lactose Reducer Enzyme is a neutral galactosidase to convert lactose into glucose and galactose. This enzyme can increase the sweetening power without the addition of sugar and prevent lactose crystallization in sweets. We provide the reliable and cost-effective hydrolysis process of lactose using our enzyme to produce lactose-free dairy products.

Texture Controller Enzyme

Right texture, appearance, and taste become important aspects in dairy products. Texture Controller can be used to improve quality and texture of various dairy products by protein’s enzymatic crosslinking. By using our enzyme, we can provide a cost-efficient way to improve texture in dairy products, also optimal characteristics and good storage stability. Our enzyme can reduce needs of milk solids addition and increase yield in curd production.

Transglutaminase Enzyme

Transglutaminase enzyme is an enzyme used in the cheese production process. This enzyme catalyzes the formation of peptide bonds in milk proteins improving the texture of the cheese. Our enzymes can increase the yield of curd and facilitate the separation process between curd and whey.

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