Flocculant is a vital component for sugarcane processing to separate light and heavy impurities. Our flocculant is applicable for sugar mills and sugar refineries. With a wide range of polymer molecular weight and ionic charges, we can optimize its application and provide a lower cost and higher sugar quality. 

Together with our partner Kemira, we provide various types of flocculants with different degrees of charges and molecular weights. Our products are Halal certified and free from allergens or GMOs. We also comply with FDA regulations, giving our customers confidence in their operations.

Our Products

Syrup & Liquor Clarification

KEMTALO DURA SERIES is an advanced water-soluble polymer that can be used as a flocculant in the thick syrup clarification and refinery liquor clarification process. KEMTALO DURA SERIES is very cost-effective, can help improve overall sugar yield, and meets FDA requirements.

Juice Clarification

SUPERFLOC V SERIES and SUPERFLOC HMW SERIES are anionic flocculants of differing ultra high molecular weights and charges that work effectively as flocculants in liquid-solid separation processes of the juice processing section. Ultra high molecular weight helps accelerate the impurities separation from sugar juice, thus improving clarity. SUPERFLOC V SERIES and SUPERFLOC HMW SERIES is made with high standards and meets FDA requirements.

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