Industrial Colorants

Paint and coating industry has experienced rapid development and has penetrated to almost all sectors, both for decorative and protective purposes which are widely used in industry. These developments encourage an increase in demand for colorants for the industry.

Together with Leonice, we are committed to fulfilling colorants in industries that support environmental and health aspects, and ensure their use is in accordance with the Point of Sell Tinting System and In Plant System.

Our Products

  • 12 solvent based colorants with aldehyde resin carrier

  • Used in high performance, non-aqueous industrial and maintenance coatings, such as construction, furniture lacquers, automotive refinishing, marine coatings, flooring and road marking

  • Provide high opacity and tinting strength with excellent resistance to weather, chemicals, and heat

  • Compatible to a wide range of non-aqueous systems, such as epoxies, polyurethanes, alkyds, acrylic, cellulosic lacquers, and chlorinated rubber

  • Latest generation Chrome-Lead Free and aromatic free (<1000 ppm) technology

  • Environmental friendly colorants with a low VOC content (<500 g/l)

  • Suitable for POS machines and in plant tinting with excellent stability, flow properties and resistant to drying out

  • Manufactured under very tight colorimetric specifications (DE < 0,7) and controlled gravimetrically and volumetrically

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