Ion Exchange Resin

Ion exchangers are commonly applied as water softeners which are widely used in various types of industries that require soft water for processing or to prevent scaling in the boiler and cooling system. 

Ion exchange can be used as a purifier to take the heavy metal ions such as cadmium, lead and copper, and replace them with sodium and potassium salt ions. There are other types of ion exchange resins that can filter organic contaminants in raw water by adding activated carbon to the ion exchange column.

We serve various types of resin at affordable prices and have been certified halal and have food grade standards. Our resin has the advantage that it is physically and mechanically stable, and has a high ion exchange capacity.

Our Products

Softening Resin

TRILITE® MC-08 and TRILITE® MC-10 have excellent ion removal capacity to provide outstanding mechanical and chemical stability, and lead to low crush rate even after long-term use. They are widely used for softening, demineralization, and other special processes like lysine, sugar and catalyst reaction.

For the food grade softening application, such as a food processing company, it’s necessary to use an appropriate food grade ion exchange resins, like TRILITE® KH-70 and TRILITE® KH-80. They are widely used for softening with excellent ion removal capacity

Demineralization Resin

TRILITE® MA-12 and TRILITE® MA-20 are strong base anion resins, while TRILITE® MC-08 and TRILITE® MC-10 are strong acid cation resins. They have a standard cross-linkage to provide outstanding mechanical and chemical stability, leading to low crush rate even after long-term use in demineralization.


TRILITE® MA-12 has better heat resistance and SiO2 treatment efficiency, compared with TRILITE® MA-20, thus being widely used for various applications including demineralization, metal recovery, and special refinement like sugar solution.

Condensate Polishing Resin

TRILITE® CONDENSATE POLISHING RESINS, such as TRILITE® MC-10 are applicable to high temperature and pressure operating conditions, control over trace impurities, and have a stable operation. TRILITE® MC-10 can be used for condensate polishing plant (CPP) together with TRILITE® MA-10. Besides that, there is also TRILITE® CMP28L which can be used for Condensate Polishing together with TRILITE® AMP16L.

Nuclear Power Plants Resin

In nuclear power plants, ion exchange resins are used in processes such as makeup, condensate polishing, and primary circuit. Generally, water treatment flow in pressurized water reactors (PWR) at nuclear power plants consists of a primary make-up system and a secondary system including condensate polishing. 


TRILITE® Ion Exchange Resin has various reputable supply references to global nuclear power plants and contributes to the competitive power supply of customers with stable quality control and timely delivery. TRILITE® MCN116K can be used for nuclear power plants together with TRILITE® MAN210K.

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