Soil is one of the critical factors to consider when addressing issues in the sugar industries. In the sugar industries, the friable nature of the soil can affect production and process efficiency. Some important soil-related factors include soil drainage to prevent waterlogging that can damage sugar crops or feedstock, water-holding capacity to retain water effectively, soil texture to facilitate plant access to water and nutrients, soil nutrient content (especially sugar and lignocellulose), soil contamination with unwanted compounds, and soil conservation to reduce erosion and soil degradation.

We provide polymer to enhance soil friability and promote better plant growth. This is our effort to improve the productivity and sustainability of the sugar industries.

Our Products

Z 1000 AG

Z 1000 AG is a polymer for enhancing soil friability. Z 1000 AG can improve the available water-holding capacity for plants, aeration balance, and the structure of soils, substrates, and potting mixes, resulting in stronger and healthier plant growth, even in hot and dry climate conditions. The use of Z 1000 AG can reduce irrigation costs and prevent soil erosion.

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