Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Along with the development of technology in the world, the processes in various types of industries are increasingly varied and the demands for the quality of process water, raw material water, or clean water quality standards are also getting higher. In order to meet the needs of processed water and reduce waste disposal costs, many industries choose to use reverse osmosis membrane (RO Membrane) to recover wastewater.


RO membrane is one type of filtration membrane that is able to remove various aesthetic contaminants that cause unpleasant taste, color, and odor problems caused by chlorides or sulfates. RO is able to remove most of the inorganic chemicals such as salts, metals, and minerals. With RO membrane, the contaminant rejection rate ranges from 85-95% which depends on the initial quality of the treated water.


We provide E-MEM RO membrane which is very suitable for use in high recovery waste water reuse applications. Our E-MEM RO membranes are proven to provide excellent performance, durable against fouling, and have been certified by NSF and ISO. E-MEM Brackish Water (BW) and Fouling Resistant (FR) membrane can separate salts from water and are produced with an advanced technology.

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