Reverse Osmosis Treatment Chemicals

Reverse osmosis (RO) unit is an efficient way to produce pure water. However, it must be operated and maintained properly to keep its performance at best. To maintain high performance and lifetime of RO units, we provide consulting services, cleaning services, supervision technicians by our expertise and we also provide various types of reverse osmosis treatment and cleaning chemicals with high effectiveness.

Our Products


Anti-scalant is a chemical used to prevent scale from sticking to the reverse osmosis unit. We offer some anti-scalant such as Z-260 SERIES which is a premium product for control of inorganic scaling and fouling of membrane surfaces. It controls both crystallization and particulate fouling of membrane surfaces. It is also effective against inorganic scales including CaCO₃, CaSO, BaSO, SrSO, CaF₂ and also effective in controlling soluble and insoluble iron.

Chlorine Scavenger

Chlorine (Cl₂) has long been an essential component in municipal, industrial and waste water treatment due to its ability to eliminate most pathogenic microorganisms. We offer Z-210 SERIES as chlorine scavengers, such as Z-217 that is effectively designed to prevent excessive chlorine.

Alkaline Cleaner

Alkaline cleaner is a chemical for cleaning or removing alkaline. Z-3011 is an alkalinity cleaner that has been designed for reverse osmosis membranes. It is effective to remove organic, silt and other particulate deposits from polyamide, polysulfone, and thin film composite membranes. The features and benefits of these chemicals are effective removal of organic deposit, effective removal of inorganic deposit, containing no phosphates, heavy metals, and non flammable.

Acidic Cleaner

Acidic cleaner is a chemical for cleaning or removing acidic. Z-3003 is an acidic cleaner that is formulated specifically to remove metal hydroxides, calcium carbonate and other similar scales from polyamide, polysulfone, and thin film composite membrane surfaces.

Silt Density Index (SDI) Reducer

SDI reducer is a chemical for reducing the value of impurities in filtered water. We offer Z-3800 which is very effective to control microorganism and algae, so it can reduce the SDI. It can be applied in a reverse osmosis system and also designed to control the population of microorganisms.

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