Equipment & Application


To face the current and future competition in the coatings market, the use of integrated software is necessary to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the production process and product sales on the market.

Together with our partners, Santint and Leonice, we provide software that can integrate store management, formulas, data, and analysis to solve customer problems in a short time.

Our Products

Santint Cloud provides a complete solution for paint and coatings industries, including shop management, formula synchronization, data push, big data collection, and big data analysis for decorative paint/auto paint manufacturers to reduce cost with the formula’s real-time synchronization and problem solving.​

Santint Cloud is a multi-platform that can make a functional connection to Santint’s platforms and support all applications that are integrated. Santint Cloud also adopts a SOA framework that has multiple encryption in data transmission to ensure data security. With the shop management, Santint Cloud can control every tinting terminal to prevent the usage of out of contract dispensers.

LEOMIX® Cloud platform is a web tool that provides online communication between paint manufacturers and their tinting machines. LEOMIX® Cloud Platform enables secure, fast and constant sharing of information. This easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use tool will help companies manage POS systems simultaneously, thereby having a comprehensive overview of the market at any given time. LEOMIX® Cloud platform enables data management, configuration control, and updating of POS or in-plant tinting machines.

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