Viscosity Reducer

A highly viscous massecuite in the crystallization station can cause uneven heating, which will result in sugar burning and poor crystal form. When this becomes a problem, our viscosity modifier chemical can be applied to reduce the viscosity, preventing sugar burns, and improving crystallization. Its application helps make sugar liquor more mobile and thus distribute heat better.

We provide a viscosity modifier for application in the sugar crystallization process. Our products are Halal certified, suitable for food application, and free from allergens or GMOs, giving our customers confidence in their operations.

Our Products

Viscocity Modifier

Z-9000 SERIES is a surface active agent which lowers the viscosity of sugar massecuite. The chemical causes the air bubbles in the massecuite to collapse and prevents them from reforming, thus increasing massecuite mobility. Increased massecuite mobility means that the pans can be boiled to a higher Brix value without causing downstream processing problems and therefore recovery will be increased. It is an effective and cost efficient way to improve the sugar crystallization process.

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